Sustainable Construction

Developing High-Performance, Sustainable Buildings

Green building practices can offer our clients an opportunity to create environmentally-sound and resource-efficient buildings.

green-sustainable-building-practicesWe are eager to help you explore this “smart building” approach where the goal is to use a minimum of nonrenewable energy, produce a minimum of pollution, and cost a minimum of energy dollars, while increasing the comfort, health and safety of the people who live and work in the building. With an LEED™ Accredited Professional on staff, we offer the administration for each project to be built which seeks green building certification. Our professionals know the latest standard techniques and systems. Shown below is Southwest Educational Development Laboratories (SEDL), a Silver LEED™ Certified project in Austin, Texas built by our team.

Using LEED™ standards, the entire life-cycle of the building and its components is considered as well as the economic and environmental impact and performance. Even with a tight budget, many green building measures can be incorporated into your building program with minimal or zero increased up-front costs at the same time yielding enormous savings (Environmental Building News, 1999).

Examples of low-cost green practices might include the development of strategies to use natural lighting, the selection of a site to take advantage of mass transit, or the decision to use recycled-content products.

Learn more about LEED™—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design at www.usgbc.org.